Only 2 Months Before Your Wedding, you’re almost there!

You’ve gotten so much done! With only 2 months before your wedding, the biggest party of your life so far, there’s still more to do.

Only 2 months before your wedding and it’s getting down to the wire! You’ve scouted and booked your venue(s), set your budget, finalized your guest list, and sent your Save the Date cards. You created your wedding website and set up your registries, booked your wedding vendors, and reserved room blocks. You shopped for and ordered your wedding gown, searched, tasted and ordered your wedding cake, finalized your florals, and taken your engagement photo.

You found your hair and make up artists and booked your trials, selected your bridesmaid’s dresses and partner’s attire, and bought your wedding day accessories. You made your wedding night accommodations, booked your honeymoon, searched for and ordered invitations and stationary. You finalized your menu, got bridesmaids’ accessories, chose groomsmen and ring bearer attire, and bought wedding rings.

You updated your registry, searched for favors, planned and invited guests to pre-wedding parties, searched for readings, and confirmed gown fittings. You booked transportation, sent invitations, tracked your gifts on a spreadsheet and sent thank you notes. You checked on room blocks, folded your programs and menu, researched your marriage license, bought a guest book, and selected gifts for your attendants and family.

You have invited guests to your rehearsal dinner, gotten your marriage license, and submitted preferences for music. You’ve gotten all of your last minute accessories, created your wedding day schedule, planned your readings with the officiant, and went to your final wedding dress fitting.

With 9 months down and only 2 months to go before your wedding, you’ll be busy, busy, busy!

  1. Verify Reception Venue Arrivals and Set Up Times

    Contact your reception venue to make sure your vendors will have access to the site when they need it. You may need to adjust the timeline you created last month. Be sure to notify your vendors of any changes to the timeline, of course.

  2. Confirm Floral Items, Delivery and Set Up Times

    You’ll want to confirm delivery locations, times, and final arrangements with your florist. I normally get in touch with my brides right before I place their order with my wholesaler to make sure everything is still on track since our last consultation.

    Make a list of each person who will get bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. You may want to assign one of your bridesmaids to oversee this on the wedding day if you’re not using a planner.

  3. Final Officiant Consultation

    Confirm the rehearsal details and wedding day schedule with your officiant. Refer to the readings you selected for your wedding ceremony back when you had 5 months left to plan. You should also go over any special requests for the rehearsal dinner.

  4. Tuxedo Fitting

    Have your partner and groomsmen visit the tuxedo shop to try on their wedding attire. They can schedule fittings if alterations are needed while they’re at the shop. You don’t need to go along on this one. If you do, you’ll get your first impression of how any quirky attire choices, like cowboy boots or neon shoes, will look on all the guys.

  5. Final Photographer Shot List Consultation

    Confirm location(s), date(s), and time(s) with your photographer 2 months before your wedding. Create your mandatory shot list. Remember that the photos will create the lasting memorial of your wedding for years to come, so infuse your personality! If you and your partner love to roller skate, play scrabble, or go camping together, set up some fun shots that show the activities that brought you together.

  6. Confirm Videographer Details

    There’s nothing worse than finding out after your honeymoon that your videographer missed an important part of your big day. Confirm location(s), date(s), and time(s). You’ll also want to make sure your videographer is aware of what parts of the ceremony and reception are most important to you.

  7. Confirm Honeymoon Travel Plans.

    No detail is too small. It’s better do it now, 2 months before your wedding. Transportation, documents, lodging, activities, etc. should be confirmed. If you’re leaving the country, check again with the State Department to get an update on travel warnings and alerts.

    Make sure you give someone a copy of your itinerary and contact information in case of an emergency.

  8. Shop and pack for the honeymoon.

    With 2 months before your wedding, start packing items for your honeymoon now. You can plan all your outfits or buy some things when you get there. Whichever you choose, have a plan so you don’t have to overspend on clothes you forgot to take with you.

    Make a list of what you’ll need. What is the weather like at your destination? Will you be hiking, boating, skiing, dancing in the club, or all of the above? Be sure you have appropriate, comfortable shoes for your activities.

  9. Receiving Line Order

    If you’re having a receiving line, determine the order everyone will stand in. If you’re having a large wedding the receiving line may be your only chance to greet each guest. A receiving line is typically at the reception venue as your guests arrive from the ceremony. If you’re doing everything at one location, go ahead and get photos of the rice toss, then designate a space for the receiving line.

    From The wedding hosts head the line. If your parents are hosting, your mother would greet guests first, followed by your father, to her left; the groom’s mother, then his father to her left; the bride; the groom; the maid of honor; and the bridesmaids. (It is optional for fathers and attendants to stand in the line; you may prefer that they circulate among guests.)

    Thank guests for coming, tell them how happy you are to see them, and introduce them to your groom or other members of the wedding party they may not know. When introducing them, try to share a small fact that will help them remember each other — “Mary was my college roommate,” for example. If your groom or another receiving-line participant knows them, on the other hand, he or she can introduce them to you. Keep comments brief; otherwise the line may become too long (you can chat later, during the table visits).

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