These days, it’s fairly common to see a sea of cell phones in the pews at a wedding. Some couples have embraced the technology. They encourage guests to snap photos of their special day and to share them online — provided they use the wedding hashtag, of course.

However, some couples want a more traditional wedding celebration. That means they want things to be strictly “unplugged.” Here are a few reasons why I think an unplugged wedding can be a great idea:

Your Guests Will Mingle More

Smartphones have brought the internet into our pockets, and that means we have access to nearly everyone on the planet 24/7! However, when you’re scrolling through Instagram, browsing websites, or texting your friends, you aren’t engaging with the people right in front of you! An unplugged wedding forces your guests to chat with one another, which is much more fun for everyone involved.

You’ll Be More Present

If your guests can’t have their phones, you can’t either! Shutting off your phone for the day will help you really connect to the moment — and that is critically important on your wedding day. Weddings tend to be a whirlwind for the guests of honor. Don’t dilute your memory further by dividing your attention between your big day and Facebook notifications.

Your Photographer Will Be Thankful

Wedding photographers these days have it rough. It’s their job to capture the beautiful memories of a wedding ceremony. However, they often have to maneuver around guests and their cell phones to get a good shot! Asking guests to keep their phones off will ensure your photographer has a clear shot. Most importantly, you’ll get the beautiful pictures you’ve dreamed of.

Whether or not you have an unplugged ceremony is entirely up to you. If you want your guests to capture their own memories of the big day, go for it! But if you’d rather make those memories with your family and friends, I’d suggest you shut off those phones and just celebrate together!

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