Every bride wants a little memento of her wedding day that she can treasure forever. Sometimes it’s a special perfume she only wears on special occasions. Sometimes it’s a piece of jewelry she wore on the day. And sometimes it’s the very flowers she carried down the aisle. If you know how to preserve them, of course. Here are a few ways to preserve your bouquet so you can cherish it forever.

Pressed Flowers

There’s something very classic and old-school about pressed flower art, which makes it a great choice for newlyweds with vintage tastes. With a few sheets of parchment paper, some flat materials like heavy books, and about 10 days of waiting time, you can have a unique piece of art made from your very own bouquet! Arrange the flowers in a frame and hang it on your wall to commemorate your special day.

Epoxy Resin

Another great way to preserve your flowers is to encase them in epoxy resin. You can find resin and assorted molds at just about any hobby or craft store, which make it quite easy to create a paperweight, pendant, or other bauble containing your beautiful flowers. This is a particularly great choice if you want to make thank you gifts for your family, in-laws, or bridal party — everyone can have a piece of your bouquet to treasure!

Silica Gel

Most couples who want to preserve their bouquet end up drying them by hanging them upside down for several days. There’s just one problem with this: the flowers always end up losing their shape and color! Thankfully, there is an alternative method that perfectly dries flowers while retaining their natural beauty, but it’s probably one you’ve never heard of before. You can dry flowers in a box of silica gel (yes, that stuff you’re not supposed to eat that comes in packages)!

Just cover the flowers completely in an airtight box (make sure you put gel in between the petal layers to help the flower maintain its shape) and cover it for about two weeks. When you retrieve them again, you’ll have gorgeous, colorful dried flowers!

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