Weddings are a cornerstone of human society that has deep roots, reaching as far back as 2000 B.C.! As a result, there have been A LOT of rules for how we should behave when we are attending or hosting a wedding celebration. 

Thankfully, most of these rules have fallen by the wayside. We no longer associate a bride chowing down on her reception meal as a sign of “loose morals”. Nor do guests wait outside the bridal suite listening to the couple consummate their marriage. However, there are a few modern rules by which wedding guests should still abide. Here are the top three in our book!

Pay Attention to the Invitation

Today’s couples spend a lot of time (and money) bringing their dream weddings to life. That means what they say goes! If you receive a wedding invitation from a friend or family member, make sure you pay attention to the couple’s requests for the day. Then, oblige them! RSVP by the requested date, don’t bring your kids if they say the event is “adults only,” and by all means stick to the dress code. 

Show Up On Time

This is really another element of “stick to the invite” but it warrants its own rule. Weddings usually run on a very tight schedule, with every minute scheduled from morning to night. There are vendors, guests, and honeymoon flights to work around. Consequently, that means the wedding won’t wait for you to arrive! Avoid the uncomfortable moment of showing up mid-ceremony and just make sure you’re there on time.

No Phones During the Ceremony

This is a more modern rule, but it’s one that’s become very popular in the past few years. Your loved ones likely hired a professional photographer for their wedding. Their job is to capture memories from their beautiful ceremony. But guess what? The photographer can’t do his job if your phone is blocking his view! While you can snap all the selfies you want during the reception, it’s best to put your phone away during the ceremony and leave the pics to the pros.

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