Four months down, 7 months before your wedding to go until your big day!

If you missed the first four months or just want to refresh your memory: 11 Months Before Your Wedding, 10 Months Before Your Wedding, 9 Months Before Your Wedding, and 8 Months Before Your Wedding. During those months you scouted and booked your venue(s), set your budget, finalized your guest list, sent your Save the Date cards, created your wedding website and updated your registries, booked your wedding vendors, reserved room blocks, and shopped for and ordered your wedding gown, searched, tasted and ordered your wedding cake, finalized your wedding flowers, and started searching for stationary. It’s getting more fun every month! So much has already been done, but you’ve only got 7 months before your wedding!

What to do 7 Months Before Your Wedding

  1. Engagement photo shoot.

    You may or may not have ideas for the perfect engagement photo, but they should definitely reflect your personality. If you do have something in mind, talk with your photographer and model away! If you need some ideas, I like a lot of the photos on How He Asked.

  2. Search for Hair, Make up, and General Pampering

    Austin is blessed with a plethora of talented wedding professionals. Hair, make up, and pretty nails can make a girl feel like a queen for a day. In this case, hopefully a few days! You’ll want to start out interviewing just like you did with your other vendors. Once you narrow down your choices, you can book a pamper appointment before deciding, then your hair and make up trials.

  3. Select and order bridesmaid and flower girl dresses

    Many brides select the dress(es), then have their attendants place and pay for their orders. You can go the traditional route with matching bridesmaids. Or, you can spice it up with a rainbow of colored dresses, a jaunty neon hat, same dresses different colored shoes; the list of possibilities to infuse your and your bridesmaids’ personality is endless!

    Make sure you keep in touch with the shop and your attendants so you know when all the orders have been placed.

  4. Purchase accessories for your gown.

    What are the special details that will showcase you and your dress that much more? A veil, a hat, gloves, shoes, lingerie, jewellery? All of the above? Well, maybe not a veil and a hat together, but all the little details will make you feel special.

  5. Choose your partner’s attire.

    These days it’s perfectly acceptable to infuse a little personality into wedding attire. Sneakers, cowboy boots, or blue jeans with a tuxedo jacket? Check, check, and check; I’ve seen it. If it fits your theme and you’re both okay with it, then anything goes. Just make sure your outfits are compatible in the photos.

  6. Rehearsal dinner host will finalize venue.

    Attendants dietary restrictions should be taken into consideration, but ultimately it’s up to the rehearsal dinner host to select and pay for this part of your wedding celebration.

  7. Book your wedding night accommodations.

    Some reception venues have bridal accommodations available as part of the package rental. If your venue does not, you really have the freedom to choose anywhere you like to spend you first night as a married couple.

  8. Plan and book your honeymoon.

    Where will you go and what will you do? Book your travel, accommodations, and activities. Don’t get too lost in your head thinking of all the fun you’re going to have, though.

You’ve got 7 months before your wedding; see what you’ll be doing next month.