You’ve been planning for 3 months; only 8 months before your wedding!

You’ve gotten a lot done, but with only 8 months before your wedding there’s still a lot more to do. So far, you’ve scouted and booked your venue(s), set your budget, finalized your guest list, sent your Save the Date cards, created your wedding website and updated your registries, booked your wedding vendors, reserved room blocks, and started shopping for your wedding gown. Way to go!

Next steps for 8 Months Before Your Wedding:

  1. Select and order your wedding dress.

    After hours of dressing and undressing, going from store to store, several cocktails, and a couple of mini-meltdowns you found the perfect dress. It will all be worth it as you walk down the aisle. Put down a deposit, set up a payment schedule, and set an appointment for your first fitting.

  2. Search for a wedding cake bakery.

    Interview bakers and schedule tastings with your favorites. You will most likely pay for the cake samples, so pick your top two or three and taste on different days. Once you’ve picked your favorite, order your wedding cake and pay a deposit.

  3. Finalize with your florist.

    Your florist will play an important role in your wedding. Remember back when you had 11 months to plan your wedding and I said you’re planning a party with a lifetime of photo memories? Your flowers will be a part of all your photos, sometimes at the forefront, and sometimes as background ambiance.

    I usually place my flower order about a month before your wedding, but I will have several conversations with my supplier before that to make sure I’m able to get everything we’ve talked about. Brides frequently add floral designs as the wedding gets closer, so even though you’re finalizing now, 8 months before your wedding, we’ll have one last consultation right before I place my order. I don’t really know how other florists schedule their orders, but this works for me.

  4. Search wedding stationary

    Some of the wedding websites offer matching themed stationary for invitations, place cards, menus, announcements and thank yous. You may be able to find something that suits your style at a local shop like Paper Place, Archer & Olive, or, if you’re feeling crafty the Paper + Craft Pantry might be right up your ally.

  5. Book your stationary vendor.

    Once you’ve found your favorite, put down a deposit and schedule payments. Some online vendors may require payment in full at the time of order.

  6. Start planning your rehearsal dinner

    You may want to check out Who Pays for What at Your Wedding to see the traditional breakdown of wedding expenses. Remember, in the end it’s up to you to decide who is responsible, but that should give you some information before beginning the conversation. You don’t actually need a rehearsal dinner, but if it will make you more comfortable on your wedding day, you should have one.

Next month, in 7 Months Before Your Wedding, you’ll be almost at the half way mark. Look how much you’ve accomplished in a short amount of time. Bravo! Now let’s keep up the momentum with 7 months before your wedding.