You’re doing great; right on schedule with only 9 Months Before Your Wedding!

Wait, what? You missed 11 Months Before Your Wedding and 10 Months Before Your Wedding? You can crunch it if you need to, but you missed venue scouting and booking, budgeting, starting your guest list, ordering your Save the Date cards, creating your wedding website, and interviewing wedding vendors. You can still get it all done 9 months before your wedding if you start right now!

Meanwhile, with 9 Months Before Your Wedding you’re ready to start booking vendors:

  1. Book your caterer.

    After meeting with several caterers and tasting some yummy and some not so yummy food, you should have a favorite by now. Make sure your caterer can handle any of your guests’ dietary restrictions including Vegan, Vegetarian, gluten free, nut free, shellfish free, etc. Better yet, just do Vegan to be safe.

    Officially hire your caterer with a deposit. Since you don’t have a final guest count yet, your deposit will be based on a percentage of your anticipated guest count.  Work out your payment schedule and begin planning your menu.

  2. Book your DJ and/or band.

    Pay your deposit and work out your payment schedule for entertainment. Start a list of must have songs and do not play songs. It’s your wedding and you shouldn’t have to listen to that (fill in the blank) song you hate. Also, make sure to check with your DJ and/or band members if you think Aunt Sheila or Billy Bob might be joining them on stage at some point in the night. They deserve a heads up!

  3. Set up your registries.

    Add registries page(s) to your wedding website. You can add items as you go, but many of your guests will start looking at your site when they get your Save the Date card. Try to have most of the things you’ll need to start your life together set up before you send out cards.

  4. Book your photographer/videographer.

    All those hours scouring photography portfolios and you’re ready to choose the one who will capture the essence of your special day. Book your photographer and/or videographer with a deposit, work out your payment blocks, and schedule your engagement photo shoot. You can add the photo to your wedding website later.

  5. Book your florist.

    Your head may be spinning from trying to visualize all those floral creations, but you should have a pretty good idea of the florist who will be able to bring your wedding vision to life. Hire your favorite florist with a deposit and schedule your payments. Keep in mind that if you need mock ups, you will need to pay for them separately.

  6. Search for an officiant.

    If you’re wedding is at your house of worship, this one is really easy. If you don’t know where to start, just do a quick search for “officiant Austin TX” or wherever you are and interview in the same way as your other vendors. It’s important to find an experienced officiant, rather than your uncle Bill who got an officiant license online. An experienced officiant will be able to help you set the tone, keep the pace, and will sometimes even help you write your vows.

  7. Book your officiant.

    Now that you’ve established a rapport with your chosen officiant, go ahead and hire him/her. You’ll be providing your vows later; there’s no need to have them ready now.

  8. Reserve room blocks for out-of-town guests.

    Add accommodations and travel information to your wedding website, so your guests know what to expect. If you have a lot of guests coming into town, you may need blocks at more than one hotel. The farther in advance you reserve room blocks, the more likely you can get more rooms in the same hotel.

  9. Send Your Save the Date cards

    You can visit your local post office or USPS online to buy wedding themed stamps. If you really want to carry your wedding theme throughout your decor, you can upload your own design on Zazzle. Once you’ve got your stamps, your guest list is finalized, and your addresses are verified you’re ready to mail. Be sure to include hotel information for your out of town guests, as well as the address of your wedding website. Save the Date Cards sent- It’s on!

  10. Start shopping for your gown.

    Now, 9 months before your wedding, it really gets exciting! Keep an open mind when you are wedding dress shopping. Try on dresses that you think might not look good on you if there’s something on the dress you like. You never know when you’ll turn around to face the mirror and get that feeling. It may not be the style you see in your head, but you’ll know it when you put it on. You found the one!

    You’ll order your dress next month, so don’t try on every dress in the bridal shop all in one day. Space it out, schedule more than one day, take some friends, your mom, have some lunch, have a cocktail, and relax. You’re going to be beautiful!

Well, that’s a lot to check off your list for this month. With only 9 months before your wedding, you’re still on track. Want to peek ahead to next month? Here’s what you’ll be doing 8 Months Before Your Wedding.