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Need an extra push to grow your existing business or get a new idea off the ground? Let us help you reach your goals.

Co-Op Membership Benefits and Opportunities


Social Media, Marketing, and Networking

What if you had a guaranteed number of likes and comments on every post? And, even better, what if these were organic, not paid likes and comments? Co-op members like and comment on each other’s posts everyday, guaranteed.


Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Defining Expectations

One of the hardest things about running a business is knowing how and when to turn an idea into reality. Co-op members meet regularly to share ideas, offer feedback, and help each other build the best businesses possible.


Operations, Personnel, Team Building, and Scaling Up

Do you stress out every time you need help with an event? No longer! Your fellow co-op members are a built-in labor pool. You already know and trust them and they already know and trust you. You’ll be able to handle more events and larger events knowing you have the staffing resources available to pull it off.

Strategic Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Co-Op Marketing?

Co-op marketing is generally something only available to large groups and franchisees. Group members and franchisees can pool their resources for a larger or more frequent ad buy or to amplify their reach. For example, if you’ve ever seen “find at the following participating stores” you’ve seen co-op marketing.

Although we may sometimes choose to buy ads together, our co-op marketing is more like an Instagram pod across multiple social media channels. We each agree to follow, like and comment on other co-op members posts to help boost interaction and enhance our credibility.

How Do I Know if the ATX Event Co-Op Is Right for Me?
Is your business experiencing growing pains? Do you feel like you should be farther along, doing higher dollar events and getting paid what you’re worth, not just what you can get?

Are you tired of meeting clients at coffee shops? That awkward feeling when you text your client from the car as you’re walking in. Then, as you stare at your phone waiting for a response, you frantically search for someone with blonde hair and a blue shirt only to see a brunette with a teal shirt waving and calling your name.

Do you have questions about other aspects of your events and aren’t sure who to ask?

What if you had a team of talented vendors to help you:
  • build your business and teach you about theirs
  • boost your social media posts
  • as a contract team member at your events and hire you for their’s
  • brainstorm ways to get you more clients
  • do all of these things for less than the cost of a small office.

If you said yes to one or more of these questions you may be a good fit for the ATX Event Co-Op.

Does the Co-Op Only Accept Established Companies?

Yes, but we only require your business to be a year old to qualify. Because our membership is limited to 2 businesses per category and we each own and run businesses of our own, we don’t have the resources to help anyone start a business from the ground up.

What types of resources do Co-Op members share?

Besides studio space, members have the option to pool their rental items, make money even when they don’t have an event, and rent out items without having to invest in inventory

They also have a built-in labor pool and have the option to contract to work each other’s events and hire other members to help with their own.

Most importantly, we share knowledge. We learn how other event businesses work and find out what has worked for other members in real-world situations. From paid advertising to time-saving tools, we freely share what works for us.

Do You Have to Join the Co-Op to Rent Out the Conference Room?

No, if you just need a quiet place to meet a client you are welcome to rent by the hour as long as the room is available.

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