If you do any type of writing I’m sure by now you’ve heard about ChatGPT. It’s a new AI model from OpenAI trained to interact in a conversational way. I’ll admit I was a little sceptical. I’ve tried a few AI writing aids and they usually read like randomly pasted together sentence fragments packed with SEO keywords. I’ve used them in the past to brainstorm article ideas. Never has the actual text output been anywhere near the quality of writing I would actually post word for word as an article. Until today.

Behold! Every word below the question “What is the best wedding planning advice?” was written entirely by ChatGPT. That question was my query to ChatGPT, too. All I can say is, it’s kind of like it read my mind. However, I still think there’s no substitute for actual experience relating to the topic. After all, no wedding industry vendor writes about every weird thing that happens. Until we do, there’s nothing for ChatGPT to reference because it’s learning is based on existing text. Also, there’s a strong probability for duplicate content because it’s likely to generate the same text every time the request for that query is made.

Having said that, I give you an article written by a robot. Welcome to the future, my friends!

What is the best wedding planning advice?

Here are some of the best pieces of wedding planning advice:

  1. Set a budget and stick to it.
  2. Make a plan and prioritize your must-haves.
  3. Choose vendors and venues that align with your vision and values.
  4. Hire a wedding planner or delegate tasks to trusted friends or family members.
  5. Be open to compromise and flexible with your plans.
  6. Take time to savor the moment and enjoy the planning process.
  7. Communicate openly and honestly with your partner.
  8. Remember what the day is truly about: celebrating your love and commitment to each other.

Tell me more, ChatGPT

Wedding planning can be an exciting, yet overwhelming process. With so many details to consider and decisions to make, it’s important to approach the planning process with a clear head and a solid plan. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your wedding planning journey:

  1. Set a budget: One of the first things you should do when planning a wedding is to determine your budget. This will help you make informed decisions about all the different aspects of the wedding, from the venue to the dress.
  2. Make a plan: Once you have a budget in place, make a plan for how you will allocate your resources. Consider what is most important to you and your partner, and make a prioritized list of your must-haves.
  3. Choose your vendors wisely: Your vendors will play a big role in the success of your wedding, so choose wisely. Do your research, read reviews, and make sure you feel comfortable with the people you’re hiring.
  4. Hire a wedding planner: If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the planning process, consider hiring a wedding planner. A good planner will help you stay organized, manage your budget, and keep your wedding on track.
  5. Be open to compromise: Wedding planning can sometimes involve making tough decisions and compromises. Be open to alternative options, and don’t be afraid to change your plans if you find that something isn’t working out.
  6. Enjoy the process: Planning a wedding can be stressful, but it’s important to remember to savor the moment and enjoy the process. Take time to relax and have fun with your partner, and don’t let the details overwhelm you.
  7. Communicate openly: Good communication is key in any relationship, and it’s especially important when planning a wedding. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinions and concerns.
  8. Remember what the day is about: Above all, remember that your wedding day is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other. Focus on that, and the rest of the details will fall into place.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your wedding planning journey is a smooth and stress-free experience. And in the end, you’ll have a beautiful wedding day that you’ll always cherish.

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