Flor Amor will soon be offering a selection of non-toxic scented soy candles to our awesome customers! For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been making candles for more than 20 years. I actually had a candle business for the last several, and I’m ready to add soy candles to my mix here at Flor Amor.

What makes Flor Amor’s soy candles non-toxic?

The truth is, anyone with the time and ingredients can make a candle. That’s how I started, but over the years I’ve become more particular about the ingredients in my candles, their affect on the environment, and on health and safety. I research every component of the fragrances and only use 100% American grown soybean oil in my candles. All my fragrances are 100% phthalate-free.

Soy candles produce almost no soot and are generally safe even for those with asthma. I also only use hemp wicks that do tend to mushroom a little, but are also very clean burning.

What are phthalates and why should I care if they’re in my candle?

The fact is, they are most likely in your candles, skin care, and even your food unless you’re specifically reading labels and avoiding products that contain them. Because of all this research I have studied every component that goes into the fragrances I use in my candles. I’ve even discontinued popular fragrances because they’ve changed their formula to something that doesn’t meet my standards.

Women may be at higher risk for potential adverse health effects of phthalate exposure and endocrine disruption leading to development of breast cancer and potential birth defects.

From NIH:

Phthalates are synthetic endocrine disrupting chemicals that can affect sex steroid hormone concentrations, signaling, and function during gestation in rodent models (Fisher 2004). Changes in hormone concentrations during this important reproductive programming and developmental window can lead to significant downstream birth defects in offspring within animal models (Gray et al. 2006). In humans, phthalate exposure during pregnancy is related to a number of adverse childhood health outcomes that may by hormone mediated including reduced anogenital distance and changes in sex specific childhood behavior, respectively (Swan et al. 2005, Engel et al. 2009, Engel et al. 2010). Whether phthalate and exposure during pregnancy is related to sex steroid hormone concentrations remains undetermined but may have important implications for fetal development and sex steroid mediated health outcomes.

Pretty scary stuff right? Well, stay tuned. I just ordered 100% soybean wax and will be making a few batches of fall scented soy candles as soon as it arrives. I’ll be making 16 oz candles in clear glass with an awesome scent throw cold or burning. I’ll add them to the online shop as soon as they’re ready and I will be accepting wholesale orders if you want to sell them in your store.