Weddings today are so different than when I began my career as a florist in my full-service flower shop. To communicate their vision, brides would come into the store carrying magazines with pages saved, bulging with pieces of paper sticking out. This was in the early years of the internet, so bridal magazines were their primary source of inspiration.

Back then, the ceremony was everything. I really don’t remember making centerpieces or any other decor for the reception. The interesting thing is that brides in the 1990s spent only slightly less for just their personal and ceremony flowers than brides today spend on flowers for the entire ceremony and reception. Your wedding is likely the largest single-day expense so far in your life. Therefore it’s important to make sure you’re communicating effectively.

The best way to communicate your vision with your vendors

Wedding vendors may still ask you which bridal magazines you like, but more importantly, they want to look at your Pinterest wedding board. With so much available inspiration you would think communicating your vision would be really easy. Without a doubt, an image speaks a thousand words and couples can essentially write a novel with their mood board.

Conversely, sorting through the sheer volume of photos can be confusing. Sometimes a client says one thing and her images say something else entirely. Also, I’ve noticed when it’s time to order something, their taste may have changed if they’ve been saving images for a while.

Your wedding vendors are professionals whom you are hiring to make your wedding dream reality. It’s our job to take seemingly disparate ideas and bring them all together in exactly the way you want. Your job is to communicate your vision effectively so we understand it and can make it happen.

Determine the overall vibe of your wedding.

The day of the week, time of day, location, and formality of the attire all come together to create an ambiance before your guests even take their seat. Boho weddings are popular now, but you may want something a little more timeless. Or, you may be dreaming of a full black or white tie gala complete with a full symphony orchestra. Also, since we are in the Texas Hill Country, if a barn wedding is your dream there are many options from which to choose.

Indicate what you like about the images you save.

For example, you might save a bouquet because you like the colors, but not necessarily the shape or style. Make sure your florist knows you are only drawn to the colors so she doesn’t base her design off that style. Frequently couples can’t even remember what they liked when they originally saved an image. Revisit your inspiration board and remove the images that no longer communicate your vision.

Use adjectives to describe what you want.

For example, you may not find images of centerpieces that are exactly what you envision. Be specific rather than saying you want something more elegant which is subjective. You may want more texture, a looser feel, a more subtle color blend, etc. For instance, “I love the fragrance of garden roses because it reminds me of when he proposed,” instead of “I’d like it to be romantic.” Being specific helps your vendors hone in on exactly what to suggest.

You won’t hurt your vendors’ feelings.

You don’t have to implement all their ideas. Wedding vendors have seen a lot of weddings and a lot of what we see is very similar. Sometimes when we see something unusual, we think it’s fun and may suggest something similar to you. However, our job is to produce a celebration that reflects your vision. If you don’t like the suggestions, politely let us know and offer your reasons. Learning what you dislike can frequently be just as important as knowing what you love.

Personal stories help us help you.

In addition to your overall wedding ambiance, it’s important that it feels like you. If you read my post about Easy Ways to Personalize your Wedding you may already have some ideas. Little details about your story as a couple can lead to creative touches that help personalize your day. For example, if you and your fiancé love playing board games, you could add a game lounge at your reception. Also, cocktail napkins, coasters, or table numbers with trivia about you are great conversation starters. You’ll get better suggestions as your vendor team gets to know you better.

Be honest about your budget.

If your wedding professionals don’t know how much you can spend they will probably show you items that are out of reach. Knowing which options are truly a possibility makes the planning process a lot easier and more enjoyable. I always joke that if you don’t give me a spending limit, I can pretty much guarantee my quote will be about four times more than you want to spend. Prioritize what’s most important to you so we know where to focus your budget. For example, if you’re a foodie you would probably prioritize your catering. However, if you’re in a creative field the decor may be what’s important to you.

I won’t say planning your wedding will be easy, but it will be a lot easier when you communicate your vision effectively. Your vendors will understand more quickly and will be able to make your wedding dream a reality.

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