Austin is the home of many different cultures, trends, traditions. Veronica Gonzalez, founder and executive coordinator of AWE Events ATX, incorporates all of these into her one-of-a-kind events and specializes in creating wedding joy.

Born in Puerto Rico, Veronica was brought up in a happy and loving home, where she was able to start forming her passion for planning at an early age as the president of her high school student council. Planning the social gatherings showed Veronica how events can bring people together and inspire so much joy. After graduating with her Bachelor’s degree in New York, Veronica went back home to Puerto Rico to work with a museum and later with a production company, planning everything from movie premieres to festivals. When times were tough in Puerto Rico, and there weren’t any jobs to be found, Veronica went back to school. During her 2nd year of law school however, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and Veronica put school on hold to take care of her. After her mother’s passing, Veronica gave herself permission to follow her passion and started planning her business in Puerto Rico before moving to Austin in 2015. She had been reminded that life was too short, and to live life to the fullest.

As a wedding planner, Veronica appreciates being a part of a close-knit community. Every couple and every event is different and there is a planner to fit every style. For Veronica, seeing and hearing the excitement of the couple she is creating wedding joy for makes it worth it. “I like interacting with my clients. I want to see them get excited talking about their flowers or a new idea they had just as much as on the big day. It creates an adrenaline rush for me” she says.

There were two big areas where Veronica suggests couples to pay more attention; knowing what type of wedding they truly want, and prioritizing where they are spending their money. It’s really important to sit down together and discuss what kind of wedding you want. Knowing whether you want something simple for the ceremony and then a boisterous and big reception, or something altogether traditional is going to make a big difference in creating wedding joy. From here, it’ll be easier to prioritize where you spend your wedding dollars. She said, “I have seen couples with a $10,000 budget and then invest $6,000 of that into the venue. It makes the planning process difficult and you see the quality of the remaining vendors take the hit.”

Once you know what kind of wedding you’re planning though, you need to know what questions to ask. When picking your vendors, read the contracts first Veronica said. This is how you will learn what services are included, what kind of regulations there are to follow, and so much more. You might learn the venue you are looking at will not allow a candle to be lit when that’s a priority for your centerpiece, or that your caterer requires additional staffing for a plated dinner service that was not part of the initial quote. Talk to your planner. “I want my Brides to ask me everything.” Veronica says, “this process can bring some anxiety. Go through and make sure the personality fits, that we understand your vision.”

I asked what the most unusual wedding has been since moving to Austin, and it didn’t take long for her to describe to me one of her first Austin-area weddings. “The whole thing was unusual, from the planning process to the wedding itself.” Veronica went on to explain how the couple was living in Dubai at the time, so all planning had to be done via Skype. It was a Mexican-Asian wedding with many outstanding entertainment details; bride and groom pinatas, a hookah lounge, and a churro cake among them. The wedding ceremony itself was even non-traditional and took place on a dock. The whole event was all about having fun. With such a free-spirited group of people, this was Veronica’s first true keep-Austin-weird wedding and taught her to go with the flow of her clients’ dreams. Veronica truly takes pride in creating wedding joy that is particular to the couple, each and every time.

In addition to weddings, Veronica and AWE Events ATX also produce corporate events. Veronica loves having the ability to really play with the concepts a corporate event can allow. With their own staffing services now as well, AWE is able to help your next event be exactly what you’ve wished for. As she said, “there’s so much to talk about. We love what we do.”

We at Flor Amor love taking this opportunity to highlight some of the awesome vendors we have the pleasure of working with here in the Austin wedding industry. It is our goal to help you in creating your own wedding joy by giving you confidence when choosing who you work with.

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