In the world of wedding planning, favors are one of the most polarizing topics you’ll ever hear discussed. Some people say they’re a necessity, something that shows your guests how much you appreciate their presence. Others say they’re a waste of money. After all, who really wants a custom coaster with their friend’s photo on it? 

Personally, I think that the couple should decide whether or not they want to give out wedding favors. However, if you do decide to give your friends a little gift, it should be something they’ll actually want. Here are a few examples:

Tasty Treats

Here’s a fact for you: everybody likes edible presents. If you want to give your guests a wedding favor they’ll really love, consider sticking with something they can snack on during the evening. An individually-packaged donut, a bottle of homemade jam, or a bag with the ingredients for s’mores (especially if there’s a fire nearby) can be great, easy gifts that everyone will enjoy.

Spa Supplies

Weddings are a lot of fun — but they can also be a lot of stress. Wearing heels all night long, making sure the kids stay well-behaved, or chatting with difficult family members can make even the most mild-mannered guest a little overwhelmed. Help your friends and family unwind after the big day with favors of bath bombs or sweet-smelling soaps. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it!

Bar Accessories

Many couples choose to give their guests fun little favors they can use at home. Bar supplies such as shot glasses, wine stoppers, and bottle openers are a very popular choice in this category, and I think this is a great idea. However, I do have one caveat; if you’re going to give your friends these kinds of favors, don’t customize them with your name or wedding date. Your friends will remember who got them the wine stopper without seeing your name every time they pour a glass.

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