Some aspects of the wedding planning process have changed because of the pandemic. Fewer people sit together at tables because of social distancing. Even now, some people feel more comfortable wearing a mask. And, elaborate elopements have never been more popular than they are today. However, the importance of personalizing your wedding has remained the same.


Color and style

If you’ve read any of my previous posts on my love/hate relationship with Pinterest you should already have some great ideas to personalize your wedding. One thing is for sure, your wedding should be a reflection of yourself and your partner. Your friends and family should walk in and immediately feel your personality in your chosen decor and overall ambiance. It should feel like you! That means bringing in your favorite colors and maintaining a cohesive style aesthetic infused with your personality.


The more time you spend on Pinterest, the more your personal style will become influenced by what you see. Remember, just because you like a trend today doesn’t mean you’ll still like it when you revisit your wedding photos in 10 years. The absolute worst would be to be look back and wonder why everything is dried and brown. How awful will it be if your immediate memory is of the pampas grass you thought was so cool in photos shedding everywhere, including into everyone’s food?

Rent containers and decor that represent your personality

One of the unfortunate consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is the supply chain disruption. Florists and planners all over the country are regretting selling containers to past couples because, in many cases, we’re unable to replace them now. So much of our vessel production occurs in countries with low labor costs. Unfortunately, that means a long shipping journey interrupted by the pandemic. Some vessels and decor were on the production line when it halted and some are stored in warehouses waiting for transport. Some were also in transit or are stuck on a dock with no one to unload them. It created a huge unforeseen disruption in the availability of high-end vessels and decor used in weddings.

Ask your florist what vessels are available for rent to create a more upscale, personalized design that reflects your personality.


Incorporate your hobby

This is probably my favorite way to personalize your wedding. Especially if it’s an activity your share as a couple. That doesn’t necessarily mean putting tiny bicycles on every table. Although you definitely could. It simply means incorporating personal touches that mean something to you. For example, one of my past clients was a botanist. For her wedding, we made a few hundred succulent pots. We grouped them in a tablescape as the guest table centerpieces. Then, when the reception ended, the couple and guests took them home as favors. Or, if you were in the military or are an animal lover you could engrave dog tags and hang them as your seating chart. I know, different kinds of dog tags, but you get the picture.


Ultimately, any element that represents your hobby and your personality can help to personalize your wedding decor. So, have fun with it, it’s your first party as a married couple!


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Vendor dream team and credits for the featured image:

Photography - Dreamy Elk Photography
Florist - Flor Amor
Venue - The Addison Grove
Coordinator - Altar Ego Weddings
Catering - PEJ Events
Cake - Pink Sugar Cupcakery
DJ - DJ Nixx
Rentals - Bee Lavish Vintage
Calligraphy - Adrian Sam Lettering
Beauty - Tara Jane, Mission Stylehouse
Alterations - Altered for the Altar
Transportation - Transportation Consultants