There used to be rules for weddings. There were some things you should do and others you shouldn’t. At least, that’s how it felt. Although some customs like the bouquet toss are still popular, they’re no longer expected. Because of social media, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with ideas and tempting to try them all. Today we’ll share some fun and easy ways to personalize your wedding regardless of your guest count.

There are many ways to personalize your wedding

Incorporate your hobby

Are you a bibliophile? You probably are if you knew the definition without looking it up! Use books to elevate your centerpieces. If you love puzzles you can glue puzzle pieces to your napkin rings, table numbers or seating chart. Use watering cans and seed packets if you love gardening.

Add stories of your travels

One of my favorite ideas is table numbers each with a different story about places you’ve been together. Your guests will enjoy learning more about you and it’s fun to go to each table to read all the stories. I worked with one couple who were both triathletes. On each table was a photo of a race number with a story about where they competed when the photo was taken.

Let your bridesmaids choose their own dress

You’re guaranteed to have a unique wedding if you let your bridesmaids choose a dress that compliments their look, shape, and style. You provide the color scheme, they’ll do the rest. Because of this, they’ll feel comfortable and each have a nice dress they’ll probably wear again.

Have your dog as the ring bearer

You already know I love dogs at weddings if you’ve read any of my blog posts. Not only are dogs adorable, but they’re also part of your family! Therefore it’s only natural to have them in the wedding. Just make sure to have the rings well attached so they don’t get lost.

Use collected or heirloom items

You’ve spent years collecting something. Consequently, there’s no better time to share your passion for it than your wedding. In fact, you may realize just how perfectly it is as a focal point in your wedding decor. Whether you collect paperweights, Americana, vintage signs, or figurines, your guests will appreciate how “you” it feels.

Display photos of yourself and your honey as children

First, yes, it is embarrassing to show your baby pictures to a room full of people. But, these aren’t just any people, they’re your friends and family. You care enough about them to invite them to your wedding. So, they care enough about you to laugh at your awkward photos while also thinking they’re charming.

Reference your job

There are plenty of ways to personalize your wedding with a wink and a nod to your job. Add apples and number 2 pencils with Scantron cards as table numbers for teachers. Use toy stethoscopes on each table for doctors. Lawyers will appreciate the scales of justice as candle holders. Plumbers usually have a pretty good sense of humor. Use plungers to hold your welcome sign to give your guests a chuckle on their way into the ceremony.

Choose a meaningful venue

Wedding ceremonies have traditionally been held in the family’s place of worship. With the rise in social media, wedding receptions have increased in prominence. Consequently, the costs have risen and many couples choose to hold the ceremony and reception in the same location. The advantages in terms of cost and ease for guests are numerous. Personalize your wedding from the outset with a location that means something to you. Perhaps your first date was in a restaurant at a swanky hotel. Or maybe you both enjoy art, therefore a museum is the perfect representation of your relationship. The venue is meaningful as long as it makes sense to you.

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