Engagement season is upon us! Every year, from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day, couples everywhere take the plunge and decide to get married. In fact, a whopping 16% of engagements in the U.S. happen during the month of December! 

If you suspect that your partner is getting ready to pop the question, you might be subtly preparing for the big moment. But keeping your manicure fresh isn’t the only way to prepare. Here are a few rules you should follow once your sweetheart asks that important question.

Be in the Moment

Getting engaged is a monumental moment in your love story. It’s the kind of thing that you’ll want to remember forever. It’s also a story that everyone is going to ask you to tell. You can easily get swept up in the excitement. You may even find yourself immediately planning the wedding in your mind. Try to avoid this impulse! Instead, breathe deeply and try to really take in this amazing moment.

Tell Your Family First

After you’ve said “I will” and put on the ring, you may want to start sharing the good news right away. It can be easy to post something on social media and tell everyone at once. However, it’s actually poor etiquette to do so. There are some people — your parents, your siblings, your closest friends — who are more invested in your relationship than your Instagram followers. They deserve to hear the news before it goes live online. Make sure you give those people a call (or even better, tell them in person) before you post anything.

Focus on Your Fiance

Speaking of social media, let’s talk about that engagement announcement post. This one photo can speak volumes about your relationship, so it’s important that you make sure it conveys the right message. Try to avoid photos that put your ring front and center, as these images can seem braggy or consumerist. If you DO want a ring shot, make sure you also include a photo of you and your future spouse, too. After all, you two are the real focus of this love story. 

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