Flowers! Can you even picture a wedding without them? Of course, there are couples who choose to decorate their wedding in more unconventional ways – but even so, flowers always have a special place in this kind of events. And there’s a very good reason they do: flowers are absolutely charming. They add elegance, beauty, and style to virtually every space. They make everything livelier and prettier.

How do you get the most gorgeous wedding flowers in Austin, though? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Settle on a color scheme, rather than a flower one. OK, we know you love certain types of flowers – but a great florist can actually achieve the same look with seasonal and local flowers, saving you tons of money without compromising on your favorite floral arrangements. So, instead of fixating on particular blooms, think of a pretty color scheme instead – your florist can definitely work with that.
  • Bring in your examples. No matter how great a wedding florist may be, they can never read minds – so you will have to learn the basic florist language and bring in some of your favorite examples. This will help your florist determine what exactly it is that you want, so that they can offer it to you.
  • Go beyond the basic vases. They’re fine, and nobody will think you as unoriginal for choosing to simply place your centerpieces in vases. However, if you want to really stand out from the crowd and amaze your wedding guests, consider vase alternatives. Teacups, Middle-Eastern urns, even boxes can all become fantastic vessels for your wedding flowers – so don’t be afraid to get creative with this.
  • Don’t forget your greens. Adding greenery to your wedding flowers is really important from a number of points of view. Not only will greenery tone down and complement the flowers, but it will also help you keep the costs down, and it will also help you create the perfect arrangements, regardless of what shape you may be looking for. Greenery is just fantastic, don’t leave it out of your floral plan!


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