One of the hardest parts of planning a destination wedding is finding decor that suits your personal style and your dream destination. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing your florals. Sure, English garden roses might be your favorite flowers, but will they be readily available in Aruba? Who knows! If you want to select the perfect florals for your destination wedding, make sure you follow these simple rules:

Consider the Climate of Your Destination

Every flower on the planet looks its best in its native land. Tropical flowers thrive in tropical climates, while pansies, peonies, and primroses bloom best in the cold — that’s just the way it is! While many florists carry a wide range of flowers, it can be hard to determine the blossom quality if you’re not standing there in the shop. Your best bet for a destination wedding is to stick with local, in-season flowers.

Keep it Simple

Flowers are an essential part of the wedding experience. You decorate with them, you carry them down the aisle, you throw them to your single girlfriends before the night is over. But when you’re having a destination wedding, you don’t need to go as flower-crazy as you might have at home. After all, you’re already in a gorgeous vacation spot — Mother Nature has done the decorating for you! Keep your flower order simple and small, and you’ll be more likely to get the best picks of the bunch.

Look For Local Florists

Transporting flowers from one place to another is a very difficult task. You have to keep them cool, make sure they aren’t crushed, and deal with a whole host of other difficulties. Therefore getting a florist to do a destination wedding will cost a pretty penny. Avoid these potential pitfalls by hiring a florist local to your destination. Many destination wedding companies or hotels will be happy to give you a recommendation, and you can get gorgeous flowers that don’t have to get on a plane.

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