When it comes to wedding rings, engagement rings seem to get all the glory. They are the rings we fawn over in shop windows, the ones our partners spend months picking out. Obviously, there’s a good reason for all the fuss: engagement rings are a beautiful symbol of someone’s love for their partner. 

But today, I’d like to talk about the OTHER symbol of love and commitment you see at a wedding — the wedding band. Here are three tips to help you and your partner find the perfect bands for your big day.

Match Your Man (Maybe)

On your wedding day, you and your sweetheart become an “official” pair — your own little family. Why not celebrate your new bond with a pair of matching wedding bands? Some jewelry stores offer matching sets for newlyweds, which can be a fun way to symbolize your connection to one another. But remember: you don’t HAVE to have matching wedding bands! If you and your spouse have wildly different styles, there’s nothing wrong with finding a piece that suits your personal taste.

Pick Practical Gemstones

These days, many couples use gemstones to give their wedding bands a some extra bling or a little pop of color. This is a great idea — however, it’s important that you decorate your band with hardy gemstones that can withstand everyday abuse. After all, your ring is bound to get knocked around as you use your hands each day! Stick to hard stones like ruby, sapphire, and diamond. 

Customize the Fit

As I just mentioned, you do a lot with your hands every day. Whether you’re hitting the gym, typing on your computer, or folding the laundry, your hands and fingers are going to be busy — which is why your wedding ring can’t get in the way! Talk to your jeweler about customizing your wedding band for a more comfortable fit (for example, a half-round design rather than a full circle). This will keep your wedding band from interrupting your daily tasks.

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