Picture this: you’re at your wedding reception, cutting a rug on the dance floor with your new spouse, when the DJ starts playing “Single Ladies” and asks everyone but the ladies to clear the dance floor. That’s right, it’s time to toss the bouquet! 

This is an age-old tradition that we’ve all seen time and time again. However, isn’t time for a modern update? Here a few ideas to help you make your bouquet toss a little more unique.

Multiple Bouquet Tosses

The bride is not the only one with a bouquet on the big day. Far from it — all her bridesmaids have one, too! If you don’t want to see your guests fighting over a single bouquet, consider asking your bridesmaids to toss theirs with you. This will ensure that more people come off the dance floor a winner.

Up the Prize

Some people simply aren’t interested in catching a bouquet of flowers. Therefore you may not get everyone out on the floor for your bouquet toss. If you want to make sure more people participate, attach some sort of prize to your bouquet. The prize can be whatever you want — a Starbucks gift card, drink tickets for the bar, etc. — but whatever you choose, you can be certain that loads more of your guests will line up to try and catch it. 

Make it a Tribute To Marriage

Let’s say that you’re not interested in tossing the bouquet at all. Maybe you’re uncoordinated (I feel that). Perhaps you just don’t love the idea of single women clambering over each other to catch some sign that they’ll be next down the aisle. In this case turn the bouquet toss tradition on its head by simply presenting your bouquet as a gift to someone you love. Give your bouquet to your parents, grandmother, or to the guests who have been married the longest. This is a sweet gesture that I’m sure everyone will appreciate.

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