You know the old saying: “First comes love, then comes marriage, then…” But these days, many couples are switching up the order, having their little bundles of joy before they make that trip down the aisle. 

In these cases, the wedding is about more than two people in love coming together. It officially marks the start of a brand-new family! How can you make your kiddos feel special on your special day? Here are a few ideas:

For Babies and Toddlers: Put Them in the Wedding Party 

There are few things in this world cuter than a baby. And there’s no better way to up the “aww” factor at your wedding than having an adorable baby as your ring bearer or flower girl. 

Is your little one not walking yet? Stick them in a decorated wagon, and tie the rings to their wrist with a bow. Or, if you’d rather, just leave the rings with the best man). Your baby’s trip down the aisle will be a highlight of the ceremony no matter how he or she gets there!

For Kids: Write Family Vows

By the time kids have reached school age, they probably have some idea of their place in your family. But a wedding can upset this dynamic and make them feel anxious. Particularly a wedding to someone other than their parent. This is why it’s important to remind them that they’re still the love of your life. Your vows are the perfect place to do it!

Have your child join you and your sweetheart at the altar. And, make sure you both promise to love and care for the little one in your vows. 

For Teens: Let Them Walk You Down the Aisle

Teens are… complicated. They may think everything their parents do is “lame” and “dumb,” but deep down they also want to be included. 

Letting your teen give you away is a great opportunity to get them involved in the wedding without asking them to have the spotlight for too long. After they’ve walked you down the aisle, they can take a seat and roll their eyes to their heart’s content!

Of course, the best way to include your child in your wedding is to ask them how they’d like to participate. Make sure your kids feel involved in the wedding experience — you might be surprised at how much they love it!

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