Your wedding flowers will make your entire wedding venue shine bright with style and elegance. Of course, you want your arrangements to look flawless for your Austin wedding – but beyond that, you want them to look amazing throughout the entire wedding day.

How do you do that? How do you keep your wedding flowers fresh all day long? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Use cool water. You might be tempted to think ice-cold water will keep your flowers fresher for longer – but in reality, they only need a bit of coolness in the water. Ice-cold water might actually end up damaging the structure of the flower, making it whither faster.
  • Keep in a dark place. Another common misconception people have is that flowers like light – and yes, they do, but when they are still growing. Once cut, you will want to keep them in a dark place before the wedding, so that they stay fresh for longer.
  • Cut their stems diagonally. This is not an old trick that does nothing – it has an actual explanation to it. By cutting the stems diagonally, you rejuvenate the channels the flower uses to hydrate itself – and thus, you enable the water to circulate through the flower and help it maintain its freshness.
  • Flower food. If you have ever received flowers, you know that they sometimes come with a small envelope of “flower food”. This is not just a marketing trick though – it actually works, and it can keep blooms pretty for days in a row.
  • Sugar water. Again, this is a trick you may have learned from your grandma and thought it is completely crazy – but it works. Mixing a bit of sugar and vinegar in your flowers’ water will actually help them stay young for longer. The reason this happens is because the mixture between sugar and vinegar keeps bacteria away (especially due to its acidity), so the flowers are less likely to whither.


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