Your wedding day is many things: beautiful, emotional, something you’ve dreamed of for decades. But like most anticipated events, it’s also often over in a flash. Therefore many of my brides try to make the memory last a little longer.

One way to bring that wedding magic into your married life is by keeping your bouquet in a vase at home! While cut flowers typically last a week after being cut, here are a few tips to give your bouquet a longer shelf life.

Trim Your Bouquet Carefully

When it comes to displaying your bouquet, most brides think you simply pop the flowers in some water and go on your merry way. Not true! If you want your flowers to last, you have to make sure the stems can absorb water. This requires a little maintenance.

Before putting your bouquet in a vase, use a pair of heavy-duty scissors and cut about two inches off the stems. Try to cut at an angle, as this will give the stem more area to absorb the water, and clear away any leaves that fall below the waterline. Repeat this process every few days and you’ll have some thriving blossoms!

Feed Your Flowers

Some florists provide their customers with a packet of “flower food,” which helps kill off bacteria and encourage your bouquet to bloom. If you have one of these little packets USE IT. It will ensure that your flowers get the nutrients they need.

Of course, if you don’t have any flower food handy there are other ways to keep your bouquet looking great. Dissolving a crushed aspirin into the water has been known to keep bacteria at bay. Mixing a quart of water with two tablespoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of sugar is a great way to DIY your own flower food!

Keep Them Cool

Once you have your flowers arranged in their vase, your first instinct might be to put them in a window. After all, flowers need sunlight, right? It helps them grow! While this advice is true of live plants, it doesn’t apply to your bouquet. In fact, they need just the opposite!

Place your bouquet in a cool, shady spot, far from any appliances or electronics that get warm throughout the day. Cool temperatures and minimal sunlight will keep the flowers from wilting. By following these simple tips you can keep enjoying them even after you’ve said “I do.”

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