The Pantone Color of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta PMS 18-1750. To use it online, the hex color equivalent is #be3455. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System and is used by manufacturers for color cohesion across industries. Fashion, interior design, auto makers, et cetera all rely on Pantone colors to create collections based on trend forecasts that coordinate, regardless of manufacture. It’s the reason you can match clothing from every designer each season. And, while the colors may not be exactly the same, there is an intentionality in the way the colors work together harmoniously.

Each year Pantone designates a single color as the Color of the Year along with a palette of coordinating colors and neutrals. that influence artists and designers worldwide. Viva Magenta is a bold, vibrant color that works especially well for couples choosing a bold, yet soft palette for their wedding. Today I’ll show you how to incorporate it throughout your wedding flowers and decor.

2023 Pantone Color Palette 

 Use Viva Magenta with similar colors

Color blocking with similar colors is a type of analogous or monochromatic design. All colors will be a derivative of the core color. In this case, Viva Magenta is the core color. The colors chosen could range from close derivatives all the way to pale blush. The flowers selected will all have similar coloration. They can be all the same flower, a rose for example, in different hues of the core color. Or, for greater depth and texture, your designer will choose blooms with different shapes, sizes, and variation of petal shape.

An ombre gradient is an example of this:

Use complementary colors

Complementary colors are those that are across from each other on the color wheel. The complementary color to Viva Magenta would be a shade between green and yellow-green. For this palette, I recommend a few shades from each range to create harmony. Complementary colors create a rich, bold ambiance your guests will feel as soon as they enter.

Use light flowers and linens with Viva Magenta napkins, paper, and signage

Limited color palettes are another great use of color to make a bold color statement. You could pair pale yellow flowers, white lines, and bold magenta napkins for a lively spring wedding. Or, pale blue linens with pale pink blooms. What about pale yellow and pale pink blooms with magenta napkins?

Whichever palette you choose, Viva Magenta can help you make a statement with your wedding decor.

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