Your beautiful flower arrangement has arrived, now what? Long lasting fresh flowers are what we all hope for, but how can you keep your flowers fresh longer? It’s easy to keep them looking fresh and perky by following a few simple steps:

  • Top off the water in the vase as soon as it arrives making sure all stems are submerged.
  • Add about a teaspoon of bleach or an aspirin to help prevent the bacteria from reproducing as quickly.
  • Place your floral arrangement in a cool location away from heat producing electronics or appliances.
  • They may look beautiful in the streaming sunlight, but the sun will actually speed up the degradation process and shorten the vase life.
  • Make sure your a/c vent is not blowing on the flowers; it will dry them out more quickly.
  • A bowl of fruit may look nice next to your arrangement, but the fruits are slowly decomposing, producing ethylene gas which is harmful to your delicate blooms.
  • Monitor the water level each day to make sure your flowers have enough to drink.
  • If you notice the water turning a nasty color, carefully remove the flowers, transfer them to another water source and scrub out the vase just as you would hand wash your dishes. You can wrap the stems with a ribbon the keep the arrangement intact.
  • Refill the vase and repeat the steps above.

You should have many days of enjoyment with just a little care of your gorgeous fresh flower arrangement!