There’s a simple way to to make your office ambiance more inviting while improving mood and productivity. Fill it with fresh cut flowers!

Here are 5 proven reasons to use corporate floral decor in your workplace:

  1. They’re inviting. There’s no better way to greet your visitors and employees than a big, beautiful bouquet as they enter. Corporate floral decor can improve people’s attitudes, even on the most stressful days.
  2. They’re vibrant. Flowers and plants are amazing corporate floral decor options that keep your office ambiance fresh and vibrant each week. There’s nothing more dramatic than a huge bouquet of artfully arranged stunning blooms.
  3. They foster creativity and sociability. Studies show that the presence of flowers can spark innovative and creative thinking as well as improve social interactions. If your office is calling for a little injection of innovation, try filling it with flowers!
  4. They can improve memory. Flowers can not only evoke happy memories, studies have shown they can also improve your memory. So, don’t forget to pick up some beautiful blooms for your desk.
  5. They can make you more productive. Studies actually show that people who are surrounded by flowers at work are more productive. Office ambiance is often rather sterile, hindering productivity; corporate floral decor is an easy solution.

Want to know more about the science behind the connection between flowers in the office and workplace creativity? Read my other article “Do Flowers and Plants Promote Workplace Creativity?” to learn more.

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