Drum roll, please; it’s here! Living Coral, swatch 16-1546, is the Pantone Color of the Year 2019. Back on October 1, 2018 I wrote “Wedding Trends, Our Predictions for 2019“. At that time I predicted Pantone would choose a warm color for 2019. Even I am surprised at how close I came to their choice. My prediction was a color in the range of butterscotch to coral. As a result, I highlighted Muskmelon and Nasturtium:

Why they chose Living Coral

According to Pantone, Living Coral is “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. Living Coral is both vibrant and mellow, nurturing and lively, and relaxing yet energizing. 

“Color is an equalizing lens through which we experience our natural and digital realities and this is particularly true for Living Coral. With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by the convivial Pantone Living Coral hit a responsive chord.” — Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

How the Pantone Color of the Year affects you

For the last 20 years Pantone has driven the market not only in fashion and home decor, but the floral world as well. Therefore, farmers will begin planting more seeds that match or coordinate with Living Coral. As a result, you will begin seeing the complimentary palette popping up on spring runways and store shelves. From vases, pillows, and rugs to clothing and product packaging, Pantone’s color choices make an impact.

As florists design and photographers edit, Living Coral will be the feature color for weddings beginning in late spring and early summer. For example, you may have already seen the coordinating palette which was released in autumn 2018. Consequently, there will be an abundance of blooms available in this color range. Above all, while coral has always been a popular flower color being named color of the year will make it ubiquitous.

2019 Spring/Summer Palette


So, what do you think of the color choice? I absolutely love it! Actually, it’s a color I already use in a lot of designs. For instance, I created one of my wedding floral Pick Up Packages around it. The Classic Charm package features a vibrant blend of coral, cream and white. This package pairs beautifully with blues, greens, and purples including Ultra Violet, the 2018 Pantone color of the year.

In conclusion, Living Coral is the perfect choice as the color of the year. It is indeed exactly what we need to sail smoothly through these turbulent times. Certainly all colors are beautiful, but the harmonious energy in this choice is right for the times. Most importantly, we could all use a little authenticity and levity in our daily lives.

Do you love it, too? Contact me today for a consultation- I’d love to help make your wedding dreams come true!