You will be working closely with your photographer on your wedding day.

Most importantly, this is the person who will capture those loving little moments throughout your day. Photos are the lasting remembrance of your wedding that you will share and even pass down to your children and grandchildren. Therefore, working with a good photographer on your wedding day will be evident for many years to come. Photographer Ashley Eubanks believes, “it is so important to get every little detail captured because the couple has spent a lifetime on putting in thought to all those little details.”

Ashley had plenty of opportunities to grow and cultivate her gift for photography, in part due to her large family in Houston. She refers to her 14 nieces and nephews as her “little muses”. Ashley captures breathtaking images of the things around her, whether her surroundings while camping, her two cats (Buddha and Benji) or the meal she’s about to eat.

 “These days it seems like everyone is a photographer and it can be really hard to stand out in such a competitive industry. I think by really connecting with my couples and making sure they feel comfortable, almost like we’ve known each other for years, helps me stand out from other photographers,” says Ashley. “Meeting with my couples before I capture their big day is very important to me. I always want people to see how passionate I am about what I do and make sure that we are a good fit to work together. I hope people see how hard I work during their big day and how much it means to me that they’ve chosen me as their photographer.”

Preserving loving little moments on your wedding day

“When couples are looking for a photographer I think it’s really important for them to ask to see a full gallery of a wedding. A lot of photographers put their best work on their Instagram and don’t show every aspect of the wedding. We are all guilty of this at some point. Obviously, we want our best work to be seen to draw in our ideal clients. Seeing a full gallery from a photographer can give you a much better idea of exactly what you are going to be getting with your package.”

Lighting and timing are important for her work in achieving those dreamy, soft photos we all love to see. “I always make it a point to ask my couples what time their ceremony is at and to make sure we have enough time after the ceremony to take their portraits.”

Ashley’s most unusual wedding so far: a Harry Potter themed wedding

sorting hat a ta harry potter themed wedding

Ashley Eubanks Photography

“It was SO magical and different! It was mostly DIY and the details were absolutely amazing. The bride’s dad even made wands for everyone out of sticks. They were glazed and looked so beautiful and real! They also had a whole dessert table of treats from the movie, a Monster Book, A Sorting Hat, and a Harry Potter pinata” says Ashley. All of the details, so carefully thought about, truly showed her the magic in the loving little moments (and how much she loves themed weddings!)

Ashley believes the best part of her business is getting to meet so many amazing and caring people. “Not only do I get to meet and know these awesome couples, I also get to meet their family and friends on their wedding day. I had a couple mention once in a toast to all their friends and family just how rare it is to have almost all their friends and family in one room, together, celebrating love and I really think that’s what weddings are all about. Being able to capture that for someone is one of the greatest gifts I have been given. I LOVE love and I am so thankful that I am able to stop time for these wonderful people so that they can cherish these memories for years to come.” 

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