One of the biggest wedding trends of 2019 is the use of local, in-season flowers. Frankly, I absolutely love this trend; it helps the couple really embrace the specific time and place of their special day. Summer couples are particularly lucky, as they have an abundance of seasonal blooms to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites!


seasonal flower phlox assortment in a planter

Named for the Greek word for “flame,” summer phlox is a particularly vibrant flower that belongs in any summer wedding decor. This beauty comes in a variety of colors like violet, pink, red, or white. Phlox typically grows in dense, round clusters of blooms, making them a great choice for centerpieces or bouquets!


seasonal tuberosa flowers

If you want your wedding decor to both look and smell enchanting, you have to add some tuberose to your decor. This cousin to the agave plant is particularly fragrant (tuberose extract is a common ingredient in perfumes). The delicate, tube-like white blossoms will look lovely in any floral arrangement.


season zinnia flowers

Zinnias are related to another popular wedding flower, the sunflower; however, this hardy blossom has a much wider variety of colors, including white, red, lilac, yellow, and chartreuse. The most common zinnia is the “dahlia-flowered” variety, which features multiple petals in a domed shape. These flowers make for a stunning focal point in a bouquet!

Green Trick

green trick dianthus

Another popular wedding trend this year is the use of greenery in lieu of flowers. If you’re looking to add some texture to your all-green arrangement, green trick dianthus, a member of the carnation family, is a perfect pick! The green, fluffy-looking blossom resembles a Koosh ball, which can add a touch of whimsy to your wedding flowers.

Queen Anne’s Lace

queen anne's lace flowers

No floral arrangement is complete without a “filler flower.” These small flowers are so important, as they help add texture and bulk to a bouquet or centerpiece. If you want a gorgeous summer flower to fill out your bouquet, you can’t go wrong with a few white, flat-topped stalks of Queen Anne’s lace. This flower is light and delicate, which can add an ethereal quality to all your wedding flowers.  

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