Are you trying to figure out how much your wedding flowers will cost? Have you decided to stick to your budget no matter what? Well, with you in mind I’ve added a new tool to help you plan your dream wedding: the Wedding Flower Cost Calculator.

It has the most commonly used wedding flowers along with the average cost in three budget ranges. Just select the number of items you’ll need in each category and it automatically calculates the total. Of course it’s not exact, but it should give you a good idea of how much other brides are spending on average.

I decided to make the wedding flower cost calculator on my website as a free wedding planning tool because I’ve met with a number of brides who come into the consultation with no idea of the cost of flowers. Some have an unrealistic idea of what they can actually get for their budget. For example, if you have 25 tables and a $500 floral budget, you’re probably better off with mirror tiles and votive candles than floral centerpieces. That way you can spend more on the designs that will be photographed like your bouquet and your attendants’ flowers.

While this tool won’t give you an exact quote, you will have a better idea of where you want to spend your wedding budget. I hope this helps you plan your dream wedding.

When you’re ready, contact me for a personalized consultation based on the colors, style, and flower preferences of your dream wedding. I promise to bring your vision to life and will do my absolute best to stay within your budget!