Nicole Woods of Nicole Woods Photography believes “in memories and moments and all the tiny unforgettable things that happen in between. We dance too long, smile too much, and have more than a few great stories. Our clients like us because we know how to tie a bow tie, but trust us because we know trust is earned, and we work like hell to earn it. Most of all, we honestly, furiously love what we do.”

Truly in love with life, Nicole Woods photographs with an eye for details, wanting to make the most of everything around her. And when choosing a photographer for your wedding day, that love can be inspiring, her joy contagious.

Nicole Woods working philosophy

I spend a lot of time with my couples before and after their wedding day, getting to know them as people so I can better understand their wants and needs before the big day. It helps to have that friendship ahead of time so that we can create a gallery that is even better than they could have imagined. It means that we have had those important discussions about what they value in life, and what they hope to see in their album. And when I show up on wedding day I have a vested interest in making sure that everything is perfect for them. My couples are so much more than just clients – they are like family.

Nicole Woods and I had the opportunity to sit and talk about what she thought couples should be asking their photographers in order to get the best possible experience.

Pro tip: Look through a photographer’s complete gallery

Rather than going off of a few well-curated images, Nicole highly recommends that couples look through a full wedding gallery. This will give the couple the chance to really get an idea of what kinds of locations, and shots the photographer has dealt with before.

“Be sure to let them know what parts of your day are most important to you so they know what you would like in your gallery. If having a photo of your grandmother putting your veil on is something you have always envisioned seeing in your album, be sure to bring that up so those important moments are not missed” Nicole says.

Pay attention to timing

If you’ve been dreaming about your wedding all your life you probably have some ideas about what your wedding memories should be. It’s important to be completely forthcoming with your photographer about what you want for your wedding gallery, and be open to their insight and experience.

“Also remember that the more we can do before the ceremony, the better! I see a lot of outlines that try to cram all of the couples portraits, wedding party photos, and family formals between the ceremony and reception, but that leads to exhaustion and the potential for shots to be missed (those pretty shoes may be comfortable for a little while, but it is tough standing there and smiling through all of those poses!). Instead, plan on having your hair and makeup done a little early so we can take the majority of the formal photos before the ceremony. Even if you are opposed to a 1st look, we can still get a lot done early in the day when you are still fresh.”

It is our goal at Flor Amor to introduce some of the awesome vendors we have the pleasure of working with here in Austin. Learn more about Nicole Woods Photography and let true love sink in.

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