Our pets mean so much to us, it only makes sense that we would want to include our pets in weddings too! There are so many things a couple might want to incorporate into their wedding. An item from their favorite Grandmother who passed away, a special treat you love to share, or a favorite song. But what about those special furry friends of ours?

Pets in proposals

Having pets in weddings can start as early as the proposal. Whether it’s a puppy ushering in a new adventure, or a pet who’s been with you from the beginning of it all, with a face as cute as this, how could you say no?

Pets in save-the-dates

Your Save-the-Date is a great place to spotlight your furry friends. Having pets in weddings is all about the wedding being your little family’s next adventure, so why not start now?

Pets in weddings

Having your pets in weddings can go a few different directions on the big day, all they need is a little direction…

Flower-girl escort.

Let your pet accompany another of the cutest to walk down the aisle. What a cute pair they make, and your flower girl will love the extra responsibility of walking your pet in the wedding!


Your furry friend has always loved bringing you things you never knew you needed… why not give your pet the job of bringing you the rings?

Man and Wife’s Best Friend.

Who better to stand by your sides while you say I do than your best furry friend?

Can’t bring your pet but want them included in your wedding?

Sometimes, even if we want our pets in the wedding, it just can’t happen. Maybe the venue won’t allow it, or they don’t do well around strangers or in crowds. But, you can still include your pets in weddings in your vows, a custom cake topper, or bringing in pictures of them. No matter how you choose to do it, pets in weddings bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Don’t forget to give your pets the attention they need while you attend to your guests too! The city of Austin is lucky enough to have their own Wedding Pet Attendant with The Pet Gal.

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