Every day since the Bridal Extravaganza I’ve done multiple consultations with brides. They have two things in common. First, they’re all getting married. Of course. The second thing is that they’re all looking at Pinterest for inspiration. I’ve found myself repeatedly referring to the article I wrote about two years ago, “Effectively Use Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding“.

I reread the article today and realized most of the information is just as relevant today as it was then. Consequently, I think you will too! I encourage you to read it if you’re overwhelmed, new to Pinterest, or just want to have a plan before diving in.

Because of this, I created this updated condensed version of Pinterest tips for brides and grooms.

My most effective Pinterest tips for brides

Don’t focus on trends

Trends come and go. If you follow them your wedding photos will look dated in a few years. Don’t believe me? Tell me what you think of when I describe a perfectly pointed cascading bouquet with white lilies and dendrobium orchids. The 90’s, right? There’s a good reason for that. The trend in all the bridal magazines back then was perfectly pointed cascading bouquets. I don’t even want to guess how many bouquets I made in that style.

Now think about some of the trends you see on Pinterest today. In my opinion, pampas grass and spray painted flowers are the perfectly pointed cascading bouquets of today. Instead of trend-surfing, you’ll be much happier sharing your gorgeous wedding photos with your grandchildren knowing you’ve chosen things that reflect your personality.

Make it “you”

And, speaking of reflecting your personality. Using sentimental items as wedding decor is the easiest way to infuse your personality. In Easy Ways to Personalize your Wedding, I brainstormed a few ideas to get you started.

Most importantly, your wedding should be about you. A generic wedding may look great on Pinterest, but your wedding is a gift from you to your friends and family. It’s about sharing your love for each other and that’s what makes it special.

Focus on the concept rather than a specific element

A lot of brides find the perfect vase, lantern, candelabra, etc. on Pinterest. The problem is finding it for sale or rent in time for your wedding.

A lot of the images on Pinterest are from styled inspiration shoots. Professional wedding vendors all contribute their talent to produce a stunning image to help you envision your dream wedding. The perfect lantern you just have to have may actually be a family heirloom. The perfect vase may be from a collection a decade old and is out of production. And that perfect candelabra may have been found at an antique store.

My best Pinterest tip for brides is to focus on the overall look rather than on a specific piece. Save yourself time and choose something your local event rental company or florist already has available. Chances are they have something similar that will give you the same overall effect.

Are you a bride using Pinterest as a mood board for your wedding? If you have some Pinterest tips for brides we’d love to share them. Drop us a line!