Brides, I’m afraid I have some bad news. Someone in your wedding is out to steal your spotlight. She’s very small, she’s very cute, and she’s very likely to succeed — at least until you make your way down the aisle. She’s your flower girl!

That’s right, your flower girl is bound to hog the limelight as she plays her part in your ceremony. But can you blame her? She’s so cute! But while a cute, smiling flower girl can make your guests coo at her cuteness, a poorly-behaved kid can also draw attention in a negative way. Here are a few tips to help you get your flower girl ready for your wedding day.

Explain The Flower Girl’s Role

Children are pretty perceptive, and once they reach a certain age they understand quite a bit (much more than we give them credit for). If your flower girl is old enough — I’d say age four or older — talk to her about the role she is playing in your wedding.

Let her know that it’s a very important job and that the ceremony is a very important part of the day. Simply understanding the significance of the situation should encourage her to be quiet, courteous, and still throughout the ceremony.

Practice With a Parent

Being a flower girl can be a stressful job for some kids. They have to dress up in nice clothes that they can’t get dirty. And, they have to walk down the aisle with all eyes on them. It’s only natural that stage fright may start to set in.

To avoid this problem, give your flower girl time to practice going down the aisle with a parent at her side. You could also visit the venue a few more times before the big day. While this may mean spending more time rehearsing, it will make her more comfortable with her surroundings. Therefore, she’ll be more likely to walk down that aisle like a pro.

Have Treats Handy

A little bribe never hurt anyone, right? If your flower girl keeps getting antsy during the rehearsal, there’s nothing wrong with slipping a little toy or a snack in her basket to keep her occupied. This way, she can take part in your special day without distracting from it later on.

With these tips, you can help prepare any kid to be an incredible flower girl. Just make sure you’re ready to share the spotlight!

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