When you start to plan your wedding, things can become overwhelming in a hurry. From flowers to invitations to table settings, it can feel like there are so many different elements. They all need to be balanced, cohesive, and, of course, represent who you are as a bride and as a couple. One way to organize your wedding planning is to choose your wedding color scheme and let the rest fall into place.

A Color Scheme Makes Your Wedding Planning So Much Easier

Choosing a wedding color scheme or a color theme for your wedding can be helpful for a multitude of reasons. First, it narrows everything else down. Once you know the colors for your wedding, you’re automatically choosing from a more select group of flowers, decorations, inks. You have created parameters for your details. From an organizational point of view, having the main wedding color or wedding color scheme first can make your life so much easier.

Wedding Colors Make A Statement About Who You Are As A Couple

But choosing a wedding color palette is also helpful from a personal point of view. You want your wedding to speak to who you are. Your colors will represent you as a bride and to represent you as a couple. The atmosphere, the feel, the initial impression of your ceremony and your reception — all of these things are influenced by your wedding colors. Colors stick with people and they set the scene. You can choose from spring-like pinks and light greens, bold burgundies, modern glitters and golds, friendly blues. It’s completely up to you, but choosing your colors is a great way of marking who you are as a couple and creating an atmosphere in one simple step.

When it comes to wedding organization, everyone is going to have their own methods. But finding a way to streamline the process and create some cohesion can help make wedding planning run more smoothly. When in doubt, start with your color scheme — then everything else can fall into place.

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Vendor dream team and featured image credits:

Photographer - J. Penrose Photography
Floral - Flor Amor
Venue - One Eleven East
Planner - J Scott Events
Hair - Brooke Amber Studio
Makeup - Lauren Lumsden Hair and Makeup
Cakes - Mey Cakes
Invitations - Pink Champagne Designs
Dress New York - Marina Semone