There’s a lot that goes into making the wedding cake meet the days high expectations. With so many things to consider, I wanted to sit down and get some pointers. I reached out to Michelle Doyon, one of Austin’s awesome wedding vendors and the owner of Michelle’s Patisserie. With the right knowledge, choosing your wedding cake should be a breeze!

Be prepared and communicate with your partner before designing your wedding cake

I wondered what mistakes couples make when they want Michelle’s Patisserie to turn their wedding cake dreams into reality. Michelle said, “A few mistakes I see people make are not coming in prepared and not communicating with each other before they get to the appointment. For example, sometimes a bride has ideas that she has not shared with her fiancé and then it results in a little bit of tension at the appointment. This doesn’t happen often but it sure does help when couples talk about their ideas before they come in.” Michelle suggests using to get a clearer picture about what you both want in a cake.

Michelle shared a great tip. “Sometimes people don’t realize that they can choose different flavors in different tiers of the cake and that’s a great way to give guests more options and have fewer leftovers.” Maximize the money you’re spending with quality items. With choices galore even your pickiest of guests will be satisfied.

Your wedding cake should reflect YOU

Of course, we had to talk about the custom cakes Michelle’s Patisserie has created too! “We love to be creative here and would really enjoy doing more cakes where clients give us creative freedom. Sometimes they stick to what’s trendy and don’t open themselves up to doing something more unique,” Michelle said. And she has been able to truly wow the clients who’ve given her freedom in bringing their sweet visions to life.

Michelle said one of the more unusual wedding cakes she made was for a funeral director. “He even put a small fresh flower arrangement on the casket cake to make it look even more realistic. This was years ago when I first started making cakes and I learned that people truly value adding their own special touch to their weddings. This is what makes my job most fun – everyone brings something unique to the table.”

The most memorable cakes made at Michelle’s Patisserie happen when couples really put their personality into it. Some have even added a secret addition to the design. “Like Spiderman peeking out of the back of the cake or their pet made out of fondant biting into the cake”, Michelle said. “I like these because the clients are trying to balance tradition with adding a unique part of themselves.”

Michelle’s Patisserie Pro Tip: Be creative when it comes to your wedding cake

To summarize:

  • Talk out your ideas with your partner before you go in for your consultation.
  • Use Pinterest and other search engines at your disposal to give your baker (and each other) a clear idea of your direction.
  • And most importantly, don’t get caught “in a box.” It’s YOUR day, get what you want and be creative!

We at Flor Amor love highlighting of the vendors we have the pleasure of working with in the wedding industry. Our goal is to give you confidence when choosing awesome vendors to make your wedding dreams come true.

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