We LOVE historic venues and architecture. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we chose the location of our studio! It’s a charming little 1930’s era bungallow in Crestview. Because of this, we wanted to spotlight some of Austin’s best historic venues. Amidst the growth and hustle-and-bustle of big city life, Austin is home of some of the most beautiful historic venues providing the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

3 Historic Venues for Austin Weddings

The Allan House

The Allan House, built in 1883 by Scottish immigrant John T. Allan (the “Father of Industrial Education”) was built in a Victorian Mansion Style. Even after renovation in the late 1990s, the buildings original Victorian charm was retained with its’ asymmetrical design, textured walls, and decorative trim.

After the historic venue’s renovations were complete, the Allan House was reopened as an event venue. Smaller weddings can be held inside in the parlor. However, according to venue manager Juliana, most weddings are held in the courtyard. And who could resist the awe-inspiring oak trees and (her personal favorite) wrap-around veranda? This historic venue offers more flexibility for events than you might expect with an older building. “We’ve had so many outstanding weddings here. We even had an Indian wedding a few years back that brought in an Elephant” said Juliana. So if you’re searching for a historic venue that still allows you to think outside the box, the Allen House might be the venue for you.

The Caswell House

Built in 1899, the Caswell House is another beautiful Victorian-era house available as a historic venue for weddings. The Caswell House exhibits influences of late Victorian, Colonial Revival, and Chateauesque style. This historic venue features a corner turret and porches supported on rusticated piers. The Caswell House has been used as a wedding venue since 1982 after the Austin Jr. Forum purchased the home and renovated the interior.

“Profits made from weddings at the Caswell House are given in the form of grants to Austin area children’s & women’s charities by Austin Jr. Forum, owner of the Caswell House. In addition to providing the citizens of Austin with an elegant wedding venue, Austin Jr. Forum strives to keep our rental rates down so that more couples can experience their special day here” says Bryan Rumble, the Caswell House venue manager.

And according to Bryan, he has “never seen a bad picture taken at the house.” Caswell House is known for beautiful features including a grand staircase and wrap-around porches on the first and second floors. Partially because of the night view of the state capital bathed in white lights, the Caswell House is breathtaking all around.

The Mansion

The Mansion, designed by Henry Coke Knight, is an awe inspiring building that was built in 1931. In fact, it is considered one of the best examples of Georgian revival architecture in Texas. Unlike Victorian-era homes, the Mansion displays Georgian symmetry and order with its’ rectangular shape, white trim, and highlighted fireplace. The Mansion has been used for all kinds of events, from weddings to USO dances.

“Most of our clients remark on how unique and elegant it is and how little is needed to really dress up their event. Our clients often remark on what a great value it is. We also make a point of being flexible and responsive to our clients needs. I think this is reflected in our reviews. There’s the added benefit that everything we make on our special events goes to the historical foundation that oversees the preservation of the building” says Mari Lopez, manager of the Mansion.

Having hosted so many weddings, I asked Mari about the most stand out wedding she’s seen at this historic venue. “There have been so many beautiful weddings here but the one that stands out the most was the vampire king and queen wedding. There’s a vampire court in Austin, if you didn’t know, and their king and queen got married here. It was a theatrical affair, hundreds of red roses and red walls and everyone dressed to the nines. They really did it well.”

If you’re looking to have your wedding in one of Austin’s historic venues, there are so many options! We hope we’ve given you some guidance or at least a starting point. For more ideas for historic venues, check out Here Comes the Guide and Brides of Austin. Our goal is to help you create the wedding of your dreams!