Everyone knows that flowers are a key part of the wedding experience. We put them on our tables, we strew their petals down the aisle, we carry them in our hands, we even hang them from the ceiling!

But for some brides, the classic ways to incorporate flowers simply aren’t enough. How can you use your wedding flowers to really make a statement? We have a few suggestions for unique ways to wear flowers on your wedding day.

In Your Hair

I know what you’re thinking. “Flowers in my hair? Like every other girl at Coachella? How is that unique?” But wearing flowers in your hair doesn’t have to mean the classic daisy chain or flower crown. In fact, there are many subtle ways to add flowers to your look.

If you’re wearing a birdcage veil, pin a few blossoms into the netting for an all-natural fascinator. Stick some flowers into a loose braid (or use leaves and vines for a pure green variation). These subtle floral touches will add an ethereal, fairy vibe to your bridal look.

As Your Jewelry

Most people associate floral necklaces with two things: graduation and Hawaii. However, making jewelry from flowers is a beautiful way to wear something uniquely beautiful! You and your florist can create custom jewelry with your wedding flowers for a look that looks (and smells) incredibly sweet.

Talk with your florist about designing a necklace for yourself or your bridal party. All they’ll need is a few beautiful blossoms, some monofilament, and a little creativity!

Around Your Arms

Every bride wants to look exceptionally beautiful when she walks down the aisle. But if you really want to make a statement, you need to have something truly extraordinary… something like eschewing the traditional bouquet altogether.

If you ask me, nothing is more breathtaking than walking down the aisle with a long floral shawl around your shoulders! This look is bold, it’s unique, and it will undoubtedly have jaws hitting the floor — what could be better than that?

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