There’s no denying that spring and summer seem to be the favorite wedding season. From May until August, there’s a good chance your calendar is packed full of weekends away at weddings. But, when planning your own wedding, you may want to think outside the box. Having your wedding in the fall can be a great way to buck the trend with an elegant wedding that’s all your own.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Firstly, as much as people love going to weddings, summer and spring can be a little too busy. Not only does this mean that you might have to deal with your wedding clashing with other weddings and making your guests choose. It also means that you might not fully be able to relax and enjoy the weddings that you attend. Rather than being distracted and stressed by the fact that your wedding is only a weekend or two away, a fall wedding lets you put some distance between yourself and the wedding season. Meaning you can relax and your wedding can really shine as an event all its own.

It’s cooler in the fall

Let’s face it, Texas is hot in the summer. You, your family and friends will be all dressed up, taking photos, dancing, and socializing. All the things you don’t want to do in the heat of summer. Your guests will appreciate the cooler temperatures in the fall. And, most importantly, you’ll be more comfortable instead of sweating in a wedding gown!

Enjoy Instant Sophistication

Another reason having a fall wedding can be such an incredible opportunity is your color scheme. Fall inherently lends itself to a more sophisticated color palette perfect for an upscale feel. If you’re someone who doesn’t naturally fit the pinks and green of spring and summer, there’s a wealth of rich fall colors to draw from when planning your wedding. The deep color palette with burgundy, burnt oranges, dark greens, and more lends itself to chic flowers and wedding colors that are truly unique. Even if you’ve been dreaming of an outdoor wedding, think long sleeves, a shawl, or ever a bolero. There are plenty of ways to making any wedding style work for fall.

Spring and summer weddings are beautiful — but they shouldn’t hold the monopoly on the wedding season. Give you some room to breathe and let your wedding really stand out from the crowd by embracing a fall wedding — and enjoying the instant sophistication the fall palette brings.


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